Top 5 Audio Moderation Software

By | June 13, 2023

When it comes to online communities, keeping users safe requires a combination of tools, humans and context. While catching nude photos and abusive text on social media is relatively straightforward, detecting harmful speech in audio is much more challenging.

WebPurify’s audio moderation software begins with a quick transcription of each audio file. Then it goes through an industry-leading profanity filter and applies a client’s defined block lists.


Yubo is a social discovery app that helps Gen Z expand their social circles online and meet new people from around the world. The platform eliminates likes and follows to empower users to show up as their true selves. Its features include 100% user-age verification and real-time audio moderation of livestreams. It also uses an algorithm to look for inappropriate content and sends real-time notifications to users when they make mistakes.

In addition to its own automated tools, Yubo has dedicated human moderators — known as Safety Specialists — who review reported content and flagged accounts. They also work with law enforcement to take action when needed.

The app’s Community Guidelines require users to adhere to age restrictions and refrain from sexually explicit, threatening or harassing behaviour. The app also prohibits the sharing of user-provided photos or videos without their consent, as well as promoting drugs or violence. Users can report profiles that violate these guidelines by using the flag icon.


Bleep puts the end user in control of offensive content that may reach their audio devices. It is designed to be entirely opt in, enabling users a tool and choice to redact incoming audio from other players based on their preferences. It does not intercept or record any conversation.

This package includes two versions of the beep test audio file (male and female voices), 8 additional audio tracks for training at specific test levels, an Excel spreadsheet with an offline calculator and tables, a 12-page eBook beep test guide which also includes a PARQ, informed consent form and more. All of this is available for only $10!

Medic Bleep is an innovative patient focused solution to the one-way communication method of pagers. By providing a safe, secure and efficient way for teams to communicate, it saves time on ad hoc calls, improves staff prioritisation and allows more time for patient facing activities. It has helped Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s out of hours team save 91 minutes per user, per shift.


Implio is an all-in-one tool designed to facilitate professional content moderation. It was developed by Besedo, a company that specializes in screening user-generated content such as online dating profiles and ads on marketplaces. It helps companies build trust with users by preventing scams such as fake listings, phishing, romance scams and pyramid schemes.

Its automation tools make the process of moderating faster and easier. Its granular permission model lets you control which parts of the software are accessible by each team member, as well as what actions they are allowed to take. You can create multiple teams and assign each member a specific role.

The latest version of Implio has a new functionality that makes creating automation lists much easier. When moderating content, any automation specialist or admin can hover over an IP address, phone number, email address, item or user ID to quickly add it to a list. This makes it easy to automatically reject or approve certain types of content without breaking the flow of the review.


ToxMod is the world’s first proactive voice-native moderation solution that empowers studios to take full control of their communities. Using advanced machine learning, ToxMod analyzes the nuances of speech to detect toxicity and then flags it for review by moderators. It can also be used to identify specific types of harmful speech such as violence, suicide, and child predation.

The company’s flagship product, ToxMod, is designed to capture not just overt toxicity like adult language and hate speech, but more insidious harms such as bullying, self-harm, and radicalization. ToxMod does this by focusing on the dynamic behavior of a conversation and listening to the people in it to understand how it’s changing.

Developers can integrate the software into their games by connecting it to their matchmaking servers, and they can fine-tune it for each game’s community and setting. ToxMod can also be used as a predictive tool, identifying players who are more likely to engage in toxic behaviour under particular circumstances such as losing or teamkilling.

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